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EcoGen provides a comprehensive range of management and consultancy services at every stage of the project lifecycle.

The skills and experience within our team enable us to provide a tailored service to each client that meets their exact requirements and ensures their project realises its full potential.

Our aim is to work with you to plan, develop and operate a safe, legally compliant and efficient renewable energy site that minimises your operational and financial risk and maximises your production and subsequent financial return.

Click on the lifecycle stage in the graphic below that is most relevant to your project to see the management and consultancy services EcoGen offers in that area.

To discuss how EcoGen can help you in any of these areas, please contact us

Case Study: Large-scale Commercial Asset Management

Case Study: Large-scale Commercial Asset Management

EcoGen has experience of working with one of the UK’s largest offshore wind farms, providing commercial and financial asset management for one of the shareholders. This role involves the provision and coordination of... Read more about this Case Study